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Powder Coating Colors, Wood Grain, Kynar



Even though aluminum is good at resisting corrosion, we do not let a frame go out of our shop without an additional coating. After the frame is fabricated, it goes through a deep cleaning and degreasing. To prevent rust from water and intrusion, the welds will receive a coat of high-quality primer. After this process the frame is ready for finish. A quality finish in the form of a color or clear coating provides not only an aesthetic advantage to the frame but also another layer of protection against the elements. Oxidation in the form of white powder on aluminum, will begin much sooner if the framing and metal is left in a raw state. There are two different grades of finishes available POWDER COAT and KYNAR.


POWDER COAT is one of the most durable coatings available. This method is a thermoset process that uses paint in a powder form instead of liquid.


Powder Coating works by applying an electrostatic charge to the powder. Which is then applied to a grounded part via a spray gun. After the powder coating is applied the part is the cured using heat from a specialized oven. While the powder cures the pigments mixed with resins within the powder chemically react. This creates the hardened, durable coat to the aluminum surface.


KYNAR and KYNAR 500 are the trade names for PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), a resin-based paint/coating used to prevent aluminum, galvanized steel from chalking, pitting, chipping, and premature aging. Its unique structure can withstand blistering sun, humidity, urban grime, acid rain, corrosive salt, and abrasion while maintaining a vibrant color. Additionally, Kynar is low maintenance. It is resistant to mildew and fungus and easily repels dirt. Kynar is a very popular choice for builders and architects.


Kynar is also a powder coating, but it is thermoplastic instead of thermoset and it is applied at a greater thickness than most thermoset powder coatings. After application and oven curing the result is a high-quality powder coating with exceptional durability and colorfastness that will last for years. It is considered a higher quality coating than standard powder coating finish.


Please see options on the side for variety of colors, gloss, matte and wood grain finish.





Powder Coating

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