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All Season Curtains

Solar Shades

Solar shades are one of the most versatile and functional products on the market. When in the down position, the shades block out the glare of the sun, absorb its heat and filter out the harmful UV rays, all without blocking your view. When they are rolled up they are concealed in a slim, unobtrusive housing that blends into the design. The fabrics are available in varying densities and textures, including blackout, allowing different degrees of transparency and sun filter levels. There are interior and exterior versions of solar shades with a wide range of colors, patterns and textures to choose from. Energy savings, protection from damaging UV rays and the decorative element of solar shades makes it a wise choice for your windows, doors or outside porch or patio area. They can be operated manually or with the use of a remote controlled motor.  

Many restaurants, bars and hotels find this to be the perfect solution to maximizing the use of their outdoor space. The shades can be operated independently and rolled up or down to stop in any position ensuring the comfort of their customers. Logos or designs can be applied to most fabrics.

For those who might prefer a drapery design in their sun protection, we also have a horizontal sliding version of the solar shade. Custom cut and fabricated, with the same fabric choices as rolling shades, these drapes slide on a curtain rod and when in use they are tethered by easy to use floor mounted clips, while adjoining sections of the curtains snap together to maintain their position on windy days. When not being used, the curtains are stored to the side and gathered and secured by a fabric band made of the same fabric as the curtain and fastened with a snap. Curtain rods come in many different styles and colors to match your décor.

Weather Curtains

Weather curtains are similar to solar shades in that they are available in roll up and horizontal sliding curtains or drapes. The primary difference in the products is the type of fabric used. In order to keep the weather out, we use a waterproof vinyl fabric that will block the effects of wind, rain, heat and cold. When used in conjunction with outdoor heating or cooling systems and ceiling fans for air circulation, the curtains will transform your outdoor room into an all season room. The curtains are available with optional clear panels allowing light to enter the room and a view of the outdoors. Vinyl fabrics are available in many colors and patterns and the viewing window panels are available in clear or tints.

Depending on your needs, it is possible to install both the solar screens and the weather curtains in one housing. This would allow the solar screens to be used for shade or insect control during summer as well as the using the weather shades when it rains or to block the wind. Unlike solar shades, weather curtains are for exterior use only.   

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