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Valances and Bindings

Awning with Bindings
Valance with Binding

Part of the design process is determining the valance style that suits your awning and decor. The valance is the portion of the awning that overhangs the front edge or perimeter of your awning. It can be the same color as your awning or you can use a contrasting color or pattern. The valance adds a finishing touch to the awning while offering additional shade. An alternative to a valance is the wrap, where the fabric is wrapped tightly around an additional horizontal framing member. The wrap is a tight, clean finish that does not require binding and which will last longer than a valance because it does not get blown around in the wind. There are fifteen typical valance sizes. Some are simple and some are ornate. Click here to view a list of typical valance styles. Choose one that will best match the style of your home. Valances are normally about 8" in height but can be made to your specifications in height as well as shape or style.

Awning with Wraps
Awning with Wrap


The binding is the decorative trim piece that follows the shape of the bottom of the valance. Its purpose, besides aesthetics, is to protect the valance edge from fraying while being blown in the wind. Hemming the bottom edge straight across the valance will serve the same purpose as the binding and may be the choice for you. If you do decide on binding, you have another choice to make since there are 35 different colors to choose from. The binding colors do not exactly match all of the awning fabric colors, but an acceptable shade can be found to match or to accent the valance color.


Awning with no Valance
Awning with no Valance

A valance is not a necessity and the style of awning you choose for your home will help determine whether or not you need a valance

Our project estimators will be glad to help you with your choices of valance colors, styles and binding. The colors of the bindings (also called braid), can be viewed by clicking here.

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