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Frame Finish

As good as aluminum and high strength steel are at resisting corrosion, we will not let a frame go out of our shop without an additional coating applied to it. After fabrication, a frame undergoes a thorough degreasing and cleaning. Welds then receive a coat of high quality primer to prevent water intrusion and rust. At this point the frame is ready for a finish. A quality finish in the form of a color or clear coating provides not only an aesthetic benefit to the frame but also another layer of protection against the elements. Oxidation in the form of rust on steel and white powder on aluminum, will begin much sooner if the framing metal is left in a raw state. There are different grades of finishes available and all are acceptable for different uses. Paints can be applied with a brush, roller, sponge or a rag. It can be sprayed on by conventional means or applied electrostatically. It can be air cured or dried with heat. Each method results in a varying degree of finish quality.

Frame with Electrostatic Spray Finish



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