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How to Protect Your Data and Stay One Step Ahead of Hackers in 2016

Posted by Jack Garcia on January 26, 2016 at 1:28pm

Even with all of the innovative and customizable security solutions availabe, cybercrime continues to be a major struggle for businesses both large and small.There are a number of factors that determine how safe your business really is, and a lot of it comes down to simply being prepared: that means your networks, devices, and even your staff.


Rather than thinking of the potential dangers in the New Year, think of 2016 as a brand new beginning.It's time to assess your processes and determine the most effective ways to protect your data against hackers and malicious bugs that threaten to derail your productivity and compromise your reputation.


Get Back to Basics


The basics of IT security are there for a reason. Many employees make the mistake of thinking that because threats seem so huge and out of their control, they can't really do anything to stop them - but that's not true.

  • Exercise caution when accessing work documents from free Wi-Fi areas and when clicking on links or attachments in Emails.
  • Keep complex and constantly changing passwords on all of your devices and important applications. Examine the default security controls on phones, laptops, and anything else you're using for work. Make sure that the settings are up to your business or industry standards.
  • A strong and reliable antivirus program is essential to keeping your network and devices protected against lingering online threats.


Think Outside The Box


Cybercriminals are constantly pushing the envelope, looking for new ways to launch attacks and harm your business.

  • Spear-phising attacks, where criminals use information from your online presence to pose as a trusted source and steal data, have grown over the past year.
  • Check the privacy settings on your Facebook, Twitter, or any other socail media page. It may seem harmless, but you're offering up tons of valuable information to hackers (including locations, likes, name of friends and family, etc.) that they can then use against you to launch an attack


Strategy is Key


Working with an experienced and trusted IT partner is crucial.

  • With a team of experts, you're able to implement securirty solutions and processes that are aligned with the unique needs of your business.
  • No two operations face the same obstacles or have the same vulnerabilities. Working with a trusted IT partner ensures you have a strategic plan to strengthen your IT and stay protected against hackers and dangerous threats.


Article courtesy of ECW Computers - contact ECW team for more information on effective ways to strengthen your security and lessen the risk of downtime - or 561-306-2284


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