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Metal Roof All Weather Shade

We named this design "Keeping with Nature," as we constructed this system around nature itself.  This unit has a fixed metal roof to protect customers from the elements. Rather than extract the tree to gain extra seating, our client chose to work around it and keep the tree as an interior focal point.

We worked with our client to ensure that the section of roof removed for the tree was large enough to allow the tree to grow in height and girth.  The cut-out section does not physically harm the tree and can be adjusted as the tree grows, while the structure still maintains a barrier against unfavorable weather.


We also included clear, retractable shades that can create an enclosed environment during rain or cooler weather with the touch of a button.  Because the shades were made of clear vinyl called strataglass, we could create a pseudo window that still allowed a view of the waterfront. 

By implementing these features and increasing capital revenues, we have helped our client increase its ROI. By pursuing this project, our client has shown its customers its commitment to the changes of the season, the harmony of allowing nature within, and ensuring the location is not limited by the elements outside. Rather than lose seating capacity due to weather conditions, our client now has a year-round environment that can adapt to the change of the seasons or the conditions of the day.


Weather Shade Video

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